Pepper spray use saves woman from suspected abduction, officials say

Posted on June 8th, 2016

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By Glen Faison

Incident bears similarities to case of missing teen Pearl Pinson

VALLEJO — A woman whose friend was reportedly being dragged off Friday by a man saved her friend by using pepper spray to deter the would-be kidnapper, authorities said.

The incident bears similarities to the suspected abduction late last month of 15-year-old Pearl Pinson, who still has not been found and whose suspected abductor was later shot and killed.

Authorities report that they received a report at approximately 8:30 p.m. Friday of a kidnapping related to domestic violence in the Home Acres area of Vallejo, during which a woman was seen being dragged from the area against her will.

The victim’s friend was nearby and used pepper spray to distract the man, which allowed the victim to escape, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement about the incident. Neither woman was seriously injured but the victim’s child was inside the friend’s car and witnessed the incident, the Sheriff’s Office reports.

Deputies tracked down an 18-year-old man and arrested him on suspicion of kidnapping, false imprisonment, child endangerment and domestic violence, the Sheriff’s Office reports. The man’s name was not released but a teen was jailed about three hours after the incident on allegations that mirror those described by authorities.

Elijah E. Summerise, 18, was arrested Friday on the 1500 block of Magazine Street in Vallejo and was booked by sheriff’s deputies into the county jail shortly after 11:45 p.m. on suspicion of kidnapping and false imprisonment, both felonies, and domestic battery and willful cruelty to a child, both misdemeanors, according to jail booking records.

Bail was a combined $132,500.

Friday’s incident occurred near where a bleeding and screaming Pinson was seen being dragged by a man armed with a gun shortly before 7 a.m. May 25 from the pedestrian walkway over Interstate 780. Pinson was on her way to school at the time, but never arrived.

The walkway links Lewis Avenue and Taylor Avenue in the Home Acres area of Vallejo.

Fernando Castro, 19, of Vallejo, was identified as Pinson’s suspected kidnapper. Castro was shot and killed during a gunfight with authorities the afternoon of May 26 in Solvang, near Santa Barbara, but Pinson was not found. The search for her has continued.

Authorities have said that Pinson and Castro were acquaintances but that Pinson was taken against her will.

Pink Pepper Spray For WomenPinson is white, 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 130 pounds and has brown hair that’s dyed green, and green eyes. She was last seen wearing a gray sweater, black leggings and had a black and turquoise backpack.

Anyone with information about Pinson’s whereabouts is asked to call 784-1963, or to call 911 or 421-7090 if the information is urgent.

Sheriff’s officials encourage anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or who knows someone who is a victim of domestic violence to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or the Solano County Office of Family Violence Prevention at 784-7635.

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Walking and Running Safety Gear

Posted on March 19th, 2015

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running safety

Your Running, Walking, Jogging Must Have Safety Gear

The Wrist Saver, is your go to safety gear while you’re out on a long training run or just walking around the park.

It’s light weight, durable and most of all, packs some butt kicking power in a 1/2 ounce bottle of pepper spray. Just point and blast your attacker and you’ll have plenty of time to get away. They’ll think twice on attacking someone with a Wrist Saver again.


Some Great Safety Tips While Your Out Walking

  • Keep the Volume Down: Don’t drown out your environment with your iPod. Keep the volume at a level where you can still hear bike bells and warnings from other walkers and runners.
  • Hang Up and Eyes Up: Chatting or texting on a mobile device while you walk is as dangerous as doing those things while driving. You are distracted and not as aware of your environment. You are less likely to recognize traffic danger, passing joggers and bikers or tripping hazards. Potential criminals see you as a distracted easy target.
  • Choose your walking route for paths frequented by other walkers, joggers and bikers. If you see someone suspicious, be prepared to alter your course or go in to a store or public building to avoid them. Acting alert and aware can convince bad guys to choose an easier target.

Hiking Safety Tips

Posted on March 6th, 2015

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camping safety pepper sprayHiking And Camping Safety Tips To Help You Out On The Trails

It’s getting to be that time of the year. It’s time to start getting things ready for a nice Spring hike.  Along with having a Trail Saver in hand, below are some great hiking safety tips.

Make sure to check out our complete hiking and camping safety product, the Trail Saver.


  • Avoid hiking alone because the “buddy system” is safer during any type of activity. If traveling with a group, never stray from the group. If hiking alone, pick a well traveled trail.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
  • Don’t forget to check in with them when you get back.
  • Stay on marked trails. Making shortcuts and “bushwhacking” causes erosion and greatly increases your chance of becoming lost. As you hike, pay attention to trail blazes (paint marks on trees) and landmarks. A double blaze indicates a change in trail direction or intersection, so be sure to follow the correct trail.
  • Never climb on waterfalls. A high number of injuries and deaths occur on waterfalls and slippery, wet rocks.
  • Always carry quality rain gear and turn back in bad weather. If you become wet or cold, it is important to get dry and warm as quickly as possible, avoiding hypothermia.
  • Dress in layers and avoid cotton. Today’s hikers can choose from numerous fabrics that wick moisture, dry quickly or conserve heat. Many experienced hikers wear a lightweight shirt that wicks moisture, while carrying a fleece pullover and waterproof jacket in a daypack.
  • All hikers (especially children and older adults) should carry a whistle, which can be heard far away and takes less energy than yelling. Three short blasts is a sign of distress.
  • Carry plenty of drinking water and never assume stream water is safe to drink. Frequent hikers might consider buying a water filter or water purifying tablets at an outdoor supply store.
  • Don’t count on cell phones to work in the wilderness, but if they do, be able to give details about your location. Telling rescue personnel that you’re lost by a big tree won’t help as much as telling which trailhead you started from and how long you’ve been hiking.
  • Don’t rely on a GPS to prevent you from getting lost. Batteries can die or the equipment can become damaged or lost.
  • Invest in good hiking socks and boots such as those found at sporting goods stores. Avoid blisters by carrying “moleskin” (available at drug stores) and applying it as soon as you feel a hot spot on your feet. Available in the foot care section of drug stores, moleskin is like felt that sticks to your skin.
  • Wear bright colors. Don’t dress children in camouflage.

Cycle Saver Now In Large – For Oversized Handlebars And Seat Post

Posted on February 6th, 2015

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pepper spray for bikesLarge Cycle Saver’s Now For Sale

We’ve had a lot of call for an oversized Cycle Saver pepper spray mount for larger bars. We took that a step further and made sure it would fit not only handlebars but seat post as well.

If your handlebars are already full with a computer and light, or you just like clean bars. The Cycle Saver mount fits perfectly out of the way under your seat. If you have a saddle bag, no worries, just mount the Cycle Saver underneath it.

Check out some of the other great features the Cycle Saver our main product page.



The large Cycle Saver is the same low price as the standard Cycle Saver at $10.95. A safety punch that doesn’t hurt your pocket book. Pick one up to day on our store.

pepper spray mount on seat post bike pepper spray mounted on seat post large cycle saver mount

The Best Hiking And Camping Self Protection

Posted on February 4th, 2015

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trail-saver-pepper-spray-11 The Trail Saver Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Trail And Camping Safety

The Trail Saver is your Swiss army knife of personal safety, when your out on a day hike or camping for an extend stay. It’s packed with all the necessities to get you out of a bad situation.

Armed with a 4oz. bottle of police strength OC pepper spray. You’ll be able to take down any vicious animal to a human attacker, that may stumble into your camp, with multiple blasts up to 15 feet away.

The Trail Saver’s tough neoprene holder with leather back comes made with a built in belt clip, for multiple mounting options. Along with the belt clip, the Trail Saver is equipped with a climbing clip and keyring, that can easily be used to clip it to a backpack or any other piece of camping equipment.

The neoprene holder has a front pouch that carries the Trail Saver’s extremely loud safety whistle. This pouch can also double up as money holder, to store emergency cash in. On the front of the holder, under the pouch, is a built in working compass to get you home safely in an emergency.

To top off this complete safety package, is a super bright LED light, that attaches to the Trail Saver’s keyring. A great back up lighting source to get you out of a pinch.

Hike and camp with confidence, when your carrying the Trail Saver.

 animal spray for hiking camping safety pepper spray

For more information on the Trail Saver and photos:

Pepper Spray Designed For Bike Handlebars

Posted on June 26th, 2013

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Cycle Saver Pepper SprayHandlebar Pepper Spray Mount

After years of experience using cycling as a training tool to help national and world inline skating champions and Personal Savers founders, Chad Smith and Derek Downing train.  They came up with a sleek way to mount a pepper spray bottle to a bikes handlebars.  Just like skating, when they were riding their bikes, they had dogs nipping at their feet and always came across unruly motorist.

Being defenseless out on a country road is something every cyclist, would like to avoid.  When your out pedaling away with nothing to defend yourself with, you may decide to take an alternate route or go back from which you came.  With the Cycle Saver, pepper spray for biking, you don’t have to defenseless any longer.

The Cycle Saver was designed to be used by hardcore cyclists and recreation bikers with its low weight and out of the way mounting position.

The Cycle Saver pepper spray uses a simple plastic mounting system for your handlebars.  The U shaped mount, lets the ½ oz pepper spray bottle snap in between the U for an easy snap in, snap out system.  The U shaped mount lets you quickly and easily grab the pepper spray bottle to spray any dog or violent motorist.  Once you use the pepper spray, you snap it back and be on your way, while the attacker is incapacitated.

The ½ oz bottle of pepper spray shoots in a ballistic stream, so it will help you take aim on your bike. The pepper spray fans out, so your able to hit the dog or attacker right where you want to.  We do suggest that you dismount off your bike first, so not to crash while you’re shooting the spray.

Where can I buy the Cycle Saver pepper spray?

You can purchase the Cycle Saver pepper spray on our  online store as well as replacement bottles of pepper spray and extra Cycle Saver mounts for other bikes.

If you would like to visit the Cycle Savers store page, click HERE to purchase the Cycle Saver pepper spray for the low, low cost of $10.95.  A small price to pay to be protected on the open roads.

If you would like to read up more on the Cycle Saver, please visit our web page at

If you would like to see more photos of the Cycle Saver pepperspray bikes, visit this link:

10 Walking Safety Tips

Posted on June 25th, 2013

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Wrist Saver - Wristband pepper spray for runners, walker and hikers10 Walking and Running Safety Tips

You can never be to safe when you’re out running or walking.  With crime rates high, you always need to observe certain rules of safety whenever you’re working out.

This is always important but extremely important when you’re walking at night.  If you can follow these simple 10 walking safety rules, you’ll increase your odds of a safe, enjoyable walk.

Please share these with all your friends, it could help save a life some day.

1. Self-Defense:  Always carry a Personal Saver product to get you out of sticky situations.  We recommend the Wrist Saver pepper spray product since its designed for runners, walkers and hikers.  The Wrist Saver is light weight, comfortable and comes with a ½ oz pepper spray bottle along with an LED light, ID card and reflective edging.

2. Face Traffic: Your first choice should be walking on sidewalks or bike paths.  If must walk on the road, always walk in the direction of oncoming traffic.

3. Never Walk Alone:  Walk with a training partner.  This will not only increase your safety when walking, but will also make your walk more enjoyable.  If you’re not able to walk with a training partner, always let someone know where you’ll be walking and what time you expect to return.

4. Wear the Correct Clothing:  If you’re walking at night, dress to be seen.  Drivers in the early morning or a night are rarely looking out for walkers.  Always wear bright clothing with some sort of reflective material.  The Wrist Saver pepper spray product will help out in this area with the wristband being reflective and the LED light moves with your wrist, so you can be seen up to a mile away.  The worst type of clothing to wear in the dark is a black, navy or blue tracksuit, shorts or t-shirt.  This type of clothing will make you virtually invisible to the oncoming traffic.

5. Walk Defensively:  Assume that oncoming traffic and turning cars don’t know the ‘pedestrian has the right-of-way’ rule.

6. Change Up Your Routes:  Keep one or two steps ahead of any potential muggers.  If you change up your routes and times that you walk, it’s very unlikely a mugger will be able to predict when you’ll be out walking.  Plus, this keeps your workout fresh.

7. Carry Some ID:  Always carry some type of identification in case of an emergency.  This is another reason to carry the Wrist Saver pepper spray.  The Wrist Saver has a built ID card slot and comes with an ID card for you to fill out your information.  If you’re away from home on a trip, always write down where you’re staying.

8. Toss the Jewelry:  Keep all your valuables at home.  You’re just asking to get mugged if you’re flashing a gold necklace or bracelet.  The only accessory you need is a wrist watch and a Wrist Saver.

9. Leave the Music Home: If you’re distracted by your favorite song, you won’t be alert to any potential dangers, be it a dog, an oncoming car or the sounds of someone running up behind you.

10. Keep to Your Right:  If you’re walking on a cycling path or greenway, always walk on the right hand side, so bikers and faster walkers or runners can easily pass.

If you’re interested in finding more information out about the Wrist Saver, please visit

You can also purchase a Wrist Saver on our online story, safely and securely at:


Pepper Spray For Your Purse or Belt

Posted on June 18th, 2013

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Pepper spray for your purseLooking For A Pepper Spray Product For Your Purse or Belt?

We recommend using one of our Personal Saver models that come in pink or black.   The original Personal Saver, is our all around personal protection device.   Personal Saver features a sturdy plastic clip with leather backing, so it clips to any purse or belt with out falling off.

The clip is ideal for:
– A woman’s purse
– Backpack
– Fuel belts for running, walking or jogging
– Car visors
– Pants or shorts pockets

Besides being an ideal pepper spray product if your looking to clip it to something. The Personal Saver pepper spray model also includes a key ring so it can be easily added to your key chain. This nifty compact safety device also incorporates an LED light, that has it’s own separate pouch which is a great light source in sticky situations.

The Personal Saver holds a 1/2 oz. bottle of the hottest pepper spray on the market. With a quick flip safety switch you can easily grab and shoot your attacker up to 10 feet away, keeping you out of harms way. The oc pepper spray will knock down any attacking dog or human for up to 45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get away or call the police.Pepper spray that clips to a belt

Where can I buy a Personal Savers pepper spray?

You can order them directly from our store by CLICKING HERE

If you would like more information on the Personal Saver model, you can visit the below links.  One is for our black model and the other our pink pepper spray model.

Personal Savers Pepper Spray Pink model: CLICK HERE
Personal Savers Pepper Spray Black model: CLICK HERE

Hot Pink Pepper Spray For Dogs

Posted on June 11th, 2013

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hot pink pepper spray for dogsPepper Spray For Dogs

Will pepper spray work on dogs?

Yes, pepper spray is a great self defense product and personal safety device for dogs.  Once a dog is sprayed with one of our Personal Saver pepper sprays the chances of the dog coming after you again are very slim.

Once a dog is sprayed, they do remember how bad it hurts and will most likely stay away from you or anyone else running, jogging or walking in the area.

We offer the hottest pepper spray on the market today.  Our oc spray will stop the dog in their tracks before it can bite at you.  If you choose one of our hot pink sprays, you’ll not only incapacitate the dog, you’ll look good doing it.

Once the dog is pepper sprayed, they feel a burning effect that will shut down their senses for up to 45 minutes.  Since a dog senses are more acute than that of a human, the effects on a dog are even more effective.

pepper spray for dogs with keychain Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?

We have a whole line of the best pepper spray products out on the market today.  Our products are uniquely designed and patented by us, so you won’t find our Personal Savers products duplicated by anyone else.  We have all your bases covered with products that are dedicated for running, walking, jogging, cycling or simply clipping to keychain, purse or car visor.

Until June 17th we have a 35% Off Sale on all our hot pink pepper spray models, which consist of the Pink Personal Saver Pepper Spray, Wrist Saver Pink Pepper Spray and Baby Saver Pepperspray.  You can stop by our store 24/7 to buy pepper spray by following this link: or visit our site at for information on all our unique pepper spray designed products.

Our products a one of a kind and are step above our competition such as mace pepper spray, mace sprays, spray mace and fox pepper spray.

Key Chain Pepper Sprays

Posted on June 10th, 2013

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where can i get pepper sprayWhere Can I Get Pepper Spray?

If you’re looking for keychain pepper spray or something similar to mace pepper spray, look no further than our Personal Saver model.

The Personal Saver model comes in pink and black models.  Women love the pink pepper spray model, with it’s stylish look and cool graphics.

Both Personal Saver pepper spray keychain models are constructed of a soft neoprene material, with a durable leather back and abs plastic belt clip.

The Personal Saver key chain pepper spray holds a super bright LED light.   The holder is constructed with a built in pouch on the front of the holder, that holds the LED light.  This becomes a great light source with looking for items in your car, purse or simple flash light.  With the LED light is in the keychain pepper spray holder, you simply just have to press the holder and the light comes on.  If you choose not to put the LED light in the holder, it also has a hole mount so you can put it on an key ring or on the Personal Saver pepper spray key ring.

The Personal Saver holds a 1/2 oz. bottle of the hottest pepper spray on the market.  Sometimes people refer to pepper spray as mace.  Both are one in the same, since mace is a branded name product.  Pepper Spray is the correct name for most self defense sprays.   Personal Saver’s pepper spray, extracted from cayenne peppers, creates an intense burning sensation on the eyes, skin and throat and can cause an attacker’s senses to temporarily shut down and give you time to get away.

pink keychain pepper sprayIf your interested in more information on our Personal Saver models please follow the below links:

Personal Saver Pink Pepper Spray model:

Personal Saver Black Pepper Spray model:

Where can I get pepper spray?  You can purchase the Personal Saver Pink Pepper Spray model by clicking HERE or black model HERE.






Pepper Spray Sale

Pepper Spray Sale


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Personal Savers are revolutionizing the way active women can protect themselves...
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Bonnie Dewkett - The Joyful Organizer

I wore this for running and while I was worried it was going to be bulky and uncomfortable, I really forgot I had it on...
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About Personal Savers

The idea for Personal Savers was born in 1995 by Derek Downing and Chad Smith, two national and world champion professional inline speed skaters. While training on the open roads in Georgia, they always came across unruly drivers and stray dogs nipping at their feet. Derek's father David Downing owned an in house pepper spray business that sold to police forces worldwide which helped spark the idea of the original Wrist Saver.

The original Wrist Saver was a crude version of itself today but the concept to keep people safe while being active was born. That idea grew into an actual company, but with the strains of traveling for competitions the business was put on hold...
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