Final Day For Our Thanksgiving Pepper Spray Sale

Posted on November 25th, 2012

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Pepper Spray Sale Ends Today!

Don’t miss out on getting a free Personal Saver, when you buy two.  A great gift for the runner, cyclist, woman or new mom (Baby Saver) that your buying for.  Check out all our pepper spray products at:

Jog on over and pick your pepper spray safety product up today!


Thanksgiving Sale – Buy 2 Products Get 1 Free

Posted on November 22nd, 2012

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Thanksgiving Pepper Spray Sale

Don’t miss out on our great Thanksgiving Sale through Sunday.  Buy any two Personal Savers pepper spray products and get one free.

Thanksgiving Pepper Spray Sale


New Replacement Products & Bottles Added To The Store

Posted on November 2nd, 2012

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Wrist Saver Pink Pepper Spray BandNew Personal Savers Replacement Products Added

We’ve just added a full selection of replacement products, led lights and bottles to our store.  You can pick up extras or replacements on your next purchase.


Posted on October 15th, 2012

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We have launched our NEW Online Affiliate Program!

Personal Savers Online Affiliate Program

With our Online Affiliate Program you can have the flexibility to make money through your web site, email list, web links, blogs and social networking avenues without having your own store, being a dealer or buying product to sale.  The best thing of all, it’s FREE, no charge to you to get started.

If you’re interested in raising money for your organization, group, event or just want to put your contact list to use, please fill out the form below to apply to our Online Affiliate Program.  We would love to have you onboard.

You can click the image above to apply or follow this link:

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Thank You

Posted on September 5th, 2012

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Well, our Schwaggle deal is over and was a HUGE success for Personal Savers… Great sales, tons of exposure and some really awesome leads for other big things this fall/winter. A big thank you to everyone for helping spread the word.

Moms RUN This Town – Great Review & Giveaway

Posted on April 27th, 2012

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Moms RUN This Town, which is a great organization for mom’s all over the country, wrote a great review our Personal Savers pepper spray products.  Here’s a brief clip of the blog article.  Click HERE to visit their blog and read the full article.  Don’t forget, they are also giving away FREE Personal Savers pepper spray, so don’t sleep on it.

By Moms RUN This Town

Personal Savers Wearable Pepper Spray

After taking a self defense class back in 2008 – you will RARELY find me in public without my pepper spray.  I literally get out of the car and put my finger on the trigger just WAITING for an attacker ;)My main reason for taking the unarmed self defense class was because I had just started running and I was paranoid about running alone.  Although you could consider carrying pepper spray being “armed” that’s besides the point ;)I always try to stress to my girls safety while running and desperately try to convince them to carry pepper spray when they run – but the thing I hear most often is “where do I put it?”  I usually run with mine in my hand, but I know that gets annoying for some people so I discovered I could clip it on my SPIBelt.Pepper Spray for runners and cyclist - runnign pepper spray from Personal SaversWell all that is a thing of the past now that I found out about Personal Savers!  I saw these brilliant little contraptions at the Georgia Marathon Expo this year.  I literally rounded the corner and I SWEAR I squealed!!  I almost jumped and hugged the guy standing there.I’ve been waiting for this EVER since I started running!!!!Oh yeah, better tell you what it is (if you can’t tell from the photo above) – Pepper Spray You Wear On Your Wrist!!!!!!!!!  Well, that’s the “Wrist Saver”, or they have one that will clip on to a SPIBelt or FuelBelt (the “Personal Saver”), and they even make a “Cycle Saver” for bikes!!!

I mean DUH.  I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this before!!!!!!   Doesn’t matter – the Personal Saver people thought of it and I could just KISS them!!

Pink Pepper Spray - Running or Cycling Pepper SprayThey just came out with PINK and they are super cute 😉

BUT WAIT (insert infomercial voice here) These aren’t JUST pepper spray wrist things….. they are also SUPER reflective with the silver trim, they contain a little pocket for ID information, AND they come with a little LED light thing!!!!!
That’s like 4 products in 1!!!!

Buy just one and it’s a great price – but if you get all 3 it’s a FANTASTIC price!!!

I went BACK to the expo and got 3 more for my mom and sister (and one to have as a spare) – I’m telling you – I LOVE these things and I WISH it was illegal to run without one!!!  I’ve heard too many sad stories lately about runners who were abducted or killed and anything I can do to spread the word on safety I’m ALL about.

Oh and now for the even better news!!
We are giving TWO Pink Wrist & Personal Saver packges!!!

Click HERE to read the rest of the article or follow this link:

Check out Moms RUN This Town’s Facebook page:

A Great Safety Blog From TooTallFritz

Posted on April 19th, 2012

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Amanda at TooTallFritz wrote a great blog about personal safety and Personal Savers after they had a very scary incident with a local attacker.  Here’s a little of blog, but make sure to click read more at the bottom check out the full blog.

Safety 1st, 2nd & 3rd….Plus Giveaways

Just call me the “fact finder”. I think that’s an actual paid position for some publications but as a blog writer, the fact-finding job comes down to me, myself & I.

The fact-finding mission for today was to determine the validity of a message circling our local Facebook running club pages regarding the attack of a woman on the LaPorte Road access trail in Mokena. Status of the attack = TRUE. The woman had an incident where a man , whom she had previously seen riding a bike in dark sunglasses & a hoodie, approached her on foot/running and attempted to push/pull/drag her to the ground. She screamed and shoved him and he ran off. She was uninjured. The man was in his late teens/early 20s and has not been found.

The Will County Forest Preserve Police have jurisdiction over most of our trails, including this one. I have been assured that they have increased patrols and police presence on the trail and they are visible and alert. In response to the initial emergency call, they had 10-15 officers canvasing the trail the day of the attack; however, never managed to find the attacker. I was also assured by Mokena PD that although the trail is not their jurisdiction that they are more than willing to back up the Forest Preserve Police for assistance at any time.

If you have an emergency on the trail, please call 911 or the Will County Dispatch so they can dispatch the Forest Preserve Police. The Will Co Dispatch #: 815.727.6191, program that number in your cell now (pretty please?). If you have information regarding a situation on the trail that is non emergency, please call: 815.727.8700.

Although I hate to be redundant, I will once again address safety. If you need additional info or a full-fledged refresher, go to my original posts on safety: Tips on Running Safety HERE and Tips on Running in the Dark HERE.

Please be vigilant while running and make eye contact with everyone you encounter. Only use one ear bud with music so that you can hear what is going on around you/possibly coming up behind you. Run with a friend or a group, if possible.

Local Group Runs

If it’s not possible to run with a friend or group, then decide how you plan to best protect yourself if necessary. Think about what you would do if somebody approaches you and tries to knock you down for an assault. This is not supposed to scare you but help you THINK about what action you plan to take. For me, I have limited knowledge in self-defense and I have made the choice to carry pepper spray but above all, I am always “watching and listening” to what is going on around me. For pepper spray, I have chosen the Wrist Saver from

I know that pepper spray is not for everyone, I’m not saying its the right choice for you but I feel confident in my ability to use it correctly and be able to flee from an attacker with its aid. Look HERE for the proper ways to use/spray pepper spray so that you will know how to use it, and not lose it to your attacker. has generously donated a PINK Wrist Saver and a PINK Personal Saver for me to giveaway. The Wrist Saver attaches to your wrist via velcro (see the pic of mine above), bike handle, or stroller handle for easy access & use. It also has reflective accents, an id card and a small light.

The Personal Saver has both a key ring and a clip to attach to your waistband, hydration or Spi-Belt.

If you would like to order from now, use the discount code: TTF for a $1.50 off your purchase and a free Personal Savers microfiber towel.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the blog.

Check Out The New Pink Personal Savers Eflyer

Posted on April 18th, 2012

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For those of you on our mailing list, you just got this but for everyone else, check out the new eflyer.  Share it with your friends and spread the word.  Look Good and Stay Safe with a Pink Personal Savers Pepper Spray product today.

View the eflyer by clicking here:

Women's Safety - Pink Pepper Spray

Click the image to view the full eflyer


Posted on April 8th, 2012

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What are you waiting for.  Even the Easter Bunny uses Personal Savers pepper spray products to keep safe, while hiding the eggs.  So,  hop on over to our store and take advantage of our $3 Easter Sale today.  Simply enter promo code PSEASTER when you check out and get $3 off your order.

Visit our store by CLICKING HERE or on the Easter Bunny.

HAPPY EASTER! from Personal Savers. Review of Personal Savers Pepper Spray

Posted on April 5th, 2012

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Personal Savers pepper spray review on personal safety products

Would like to thank Wojtek Wysocki and the for writing a recent review of the Personal Savers pepper spray and personal safety product line.  You can read the review by CLICKING HERE.

Where to buy pepper spray? 

Look no further than our Personal Savers store by CLICKING HERE.

Pepper Spray Sale

Pepper Spray Sale


Women's Running Magazine

Personal Savers are revolutionizing the way active women can protect themselves...
Read full review by CLICKING HERE

Bonnie Dewkett - The Joyful Organizer

I wore this for running and while I was worried it was going to be bulky and uncomfortable, I really forgot I had it on...
Read full review by CLICKING HERE

Jenny Hadfield - Runners World,

A product even McGyver would be proud of, Personal Savers are revolutionizing the way you protect yourself while enjoying your favorite activities...
Read full review by CLICKING HERE

About Personal Savers

The idea for Personal Savers was born in 1995 by Derek Downing and Chad Smith, two national and world champion professional inline speed skaters. While training on the open roads in Georgia, they always came across unruly drivers and stray dogs nipping at their feet. Derek's father David Downing owned an in house pepper spray business that sold to police forces worldwide which helped spark the idea of the original Wrist Saver.

The original Wrist Saver was a crude version of itself today but the concept to keep people safe while being active was born. That idea grew into an actual company, but with the strains of traveling for competitions the business was put on hold...
Read our full story by CLICKING HERE

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