Hiking Safety Tips

Posted on March 6th, 2015

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camping safety pepper sprayHiking And Camping Safety Tips To Help You Out On The Trails

It’s getting to be that time of the year. It’s time to start getting things ready for a nice Spring hike.  Along with having a Trail Saver in hand, below are some great hiking safety tips.

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  • Avoid hiking alone because the “buddy system” is safer during any type of activity. If traveling with a group, never stray from the group. If hiking alone, pick a well traveled trail.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
  • Don’t forget to check in with them when you get back.
  • Stay on marked trails. Making shortcuts and “bushwhacking” causes erosion and greatly increases your chance of becoming lost. As you hike, pay attention to trail blazes (paint marks on trees) and landmarks. A double blaze indicates a change in trail direction or intersection, so be sure to follow the correct trail.
  • Never climb on waterfalls. A high number of injuries and deaths occur on waterfalls and slippery, wet rocks.
  • Always carry quality rain gear and turn back in bad weather. If you become wet or cold, it is important to get dry and warm as quickly as possible, avoiding hypothermia.
  • Dress in layers and avoid cotton. Today’s hikers can choose from numerous fabrics that wick moisture, dry quickly or conserve heat. Many experienced hikers wear a lightweight shirt that wicks moisture, while carrying a fleece pullover and waterproof jacket in a daypack.
  • All hikers (especially children and older adults) should carry a whistle, which can be heard far away and takes less energy than yelling. Three short blasts is a sign of distress.
  • Carry plenty of drinking water and never assume stream water is safe to drink. Frequent hikers might consider buying a water filter or water purifying tablets at an outdoor supply store.
  • Don’t count on cell phones to work in the wilderness, but if they do, be able to give details about your location. Telling rescue personnel that you’re lost by a big tree won’t help as much as telling which trailhead you started from and how long you’ve been hiking.
  • Don’t rely on a GPS to prevent you from getting lost. Batteries can die or the equipment can become damaged or lost.
  • Invest in good hiking socks and boots such as those found at sporting goods stores. Avoid blisters by carrying “moleskin” (available at drug stores) and applying it as soon as you feel a hot spot on your feet. Available in the foot care section of drug stores, moleskin is like felt that sticks to your skin.
  • Wear bright colors. Don’t dress children in camouflage.

The Best Hiking And Camping Self Protection

Posted on February 4th, 2015

Share this posting, you could help save a life, some day.

trail-saver-pepper-spray-11 The Trail Saver Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Trail And Camping Safety

The Trail Saver is your Swiss army knife of personal safety, when your out on a day hike or camping for an extend stay. It’s packed with all the necessities to get you out of a bad situation.

Armed with a 4oz. bottle of police strength OC pepper spray. You’ll be able to take down any vicious animal to a human attacker, that may stumble into your camp, with multiple blasts up to 15 feet away.

The Trail Saver’s tough neoprene holder with leather back comes made with a built in belt clip, for multiple mounting options. Along with the belt clip, the Trail Saver is equipped with a climbing clip and keyring, that can easily be used to clip it to a backpack or any other piece of camping equipment.

The neoprene holder has a front pouch that carries the Trail Saver’s extremely loud safety whistle. This pouch can also double up as money holder, to store emergency cash in. On the front of the holder, under the pouch, is a built in working compass to get you home safely in an emergency.

To top off this complete safety package, is a super bright LED light, that attaches to the Trail Saver’s keyring. A great back up lighting source to get you out of a pinch.

Hike and camp with confidence, when your carrying the Trail Saver.

 animal spray for hiking camping safety pepper spray

For more information on the Trail Saver and photos:

Pepper Spray Sale

Pepper Spray Sale


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About Personal Savers

The idea for Personal Savers was born in 1995 by Derek Downing and Chad Smith, two national and world champion professional inline speed skaters. While training on the open roads in Georgia, they always came across unruly drivers and stray dogs nipping at their feet. Derek's father David Downing owned an in house pepper spray business that sold to police forces worldwide which helped spark the idea of the original Wrist Saver.

The original Wrist Saver was a crude version of itself today but the concept to keep people safe while being active was born. That idea grew into an actual company, but with the strains of traveling for competitions the business was put on hold...
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